June 25, 2024

A purchase order template comes in handy when it comes to accurately tracking a purchasing process. If you are running or working in a business where products are sold then you should be aware of the purchase order templates. These templates are commonly used to outline the type of product or service sold, their quantity, price, expected delivery date, etc. It is essential to have this record for clarity and tracking purposes.

Whenever a customer or client places a purchase order then a unique identification number commonly known as the purchase order number is allotted to that purchase. This unique identification number allows both buyer and seller to track the delivery and payment of every purchase.

A purchase order template is commonly used by people who are running E-commerce businesses or any business where goods/services/products are sold. This document is extremely useful in terms of the legal process as well because this is used as proof in case any payment or delivery-related issue arises between the buyer and seller. This one document is useful for all the departments including inventory, handling, shipping, delivery, and payment.

On this page, you can find out a purchase order template that is now available for free download in Word, Excel, and PDF format. Grab a template from this page and start using it.

Free Purchase Order Templates in Word, Excel, PDF

Many businesses use purchase order forms to place credit-based orders for goods. Keep in mind that a purchase order is a legal contract for which you are guarantying payment once it has been accepted by the vendor. Below you can find out Purchase Order Templates available for free download in Word, Excel, and PDF format. The purpose of sharing the template here is to allow our users to download the best template that is useful.

Purchase Order Templates


More About Purchase Orders

Different types of purchase order templates are available such as Standard Purchase Orders. This is one of the most commonly used purchase orders that is mostly used for single purchase orders. The basic information is included in this purchase order such as the product or service to be delivered, quantity, delivery date and address, total amount, and other terms of payment.

Finance is a huge concern when it comes to growing a business. A business that is in the early stage or does not have enough funds at the moment relies on purchase order financing to buy a large number of raw materials and goods. Using purchase order financing is great for businesses to buy goods or supplies without impacting their cash flow. There are many vendors who would accept purchase orders of net 30 or net 60 days. A purchase order is commonly used in business to business marketplace.


Different types of purchase order templates are shared on this page. A purchase order is a document that is commonly used by businesses to buy raw goods or supplies from a vendor. This document is used by a business to list the items that are needed, their quantity, and delivery time. A vendor receives the purchase order and if a vendor accepts the purchase order then a contract is formed between the seller and buyer. After that, it is the responsibility of a vendor to send all the goods or products to a company along with an invoice. And it is the responsibility of the company to pay for the items that are sent by a vendor.

There are other modes of placing an order such as you can place an order over the phone, etc. but placing an order over the phone can lead to inaccuracy and confusion as well. There it makes more sense to send a purchase order where everything is written properly in order to remove all the inaccuracies and errors. Use the purchase order templates from this page to make your own purchase order in minutes without any errors or mistakes.

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