June 25, 2024

Reference letters are the most commonly written type of letter, especially the personal reference letter. You could be asked to write down a reference letter for someone such as a friend who may ask you to write or an employee may ask you. Reference letters are taken into consideration in many fields and departments. It is essential to write down a formal and professional reference letter because this piece of writing has the potential to influence the decision that would be made by the person or the institution to which it is addressed. A well-drafted reference letter could help someone get a job or it could help someone get some recognition.

A badly written reference letter could make a negative impact as well, therefore, make sure to do some research and write a good piece of reference letter. Honestly, writing such letters does not come naturally to everyone. If you are someone who hasn’t written such a letter or maybe you don’t have enough time to write such a letter from scratch then you can check out the sample letter examples shared on this page and download a suitable one for your use.

The purpose of writing a reference letter is to give testimony of a person’s or the company’s skills, character, and achievements as well. This is a formal letter therefore it should be written or typed in a formal or professional manner only.

Where Personal Reference Letter Required?

There are many instances where you may need a personal reference letter such as you may need a reference letter when applying for a job, you may need it while renting a flat/apartment, getting admission or membership, etc. Recommendations works across industries. Every year, there is a huge percentage of employment happens on the basis of reference or recommendation only.

As a mentor, teacher, employer, coach, friend, family, etc. you could be asked to write down a reference letter. Therefore, one should know the basics of writing such a letter and this is why here we have shared this post. From here, you can learn how to write a reference letter and see a letter sample as well.

Personal Reference Letter Sample Template

Dear Mr./Ms. {Name},

My name is ________ {your name} and I’m writing this letter to give my strongest recommendation for ________ {applicant’s name} who is applying for the _______ {job position} at ________ {company’s name}.

I have been {his/her} {relationship to the applicant}. I have know him for over ________ {months/years} now. I know {him/her} both personally and professionally. I have seen {him/her} grow into a professional and capable individual with enormous potential. {He/she} is great when it comes to cheering and inspiring people, I have always seen him having a great time with everyone.

I believe that {him/her} hard-working personality will drive {him/her} to greater success in life. And this is the reason I strongly recommend {him/her} for your {company/orgnization}.

Please contact me at {Your Phone Number} {Your Email Address} if you’d like any further details.


{Your Full Name}

How to Write a Personal Reference Letter

There are a few things that must be taken into consideration while writing a reference letter. Below we have shared some points that will help you in writing a good reference letter.

Explain your relationship: Make sure to give an explanation of your relationship with the applicant. The person who is writing the reference must know the applicant because only then he or she will be able to write about the applicant’s character. Mention for long you know the applicant and what’s your relationship.

Highlight Positive Qualities: You can mention some of the positive qualities of the applicant. Give as many positive attributes as possible, but a minimum of two. Some possibilities of good qualities you could touch on might include:

  • Excellent communication
  • Positive outlook
  • Outstanding academic performance
  • People skills
  • Dedication to extracurriculars

In a long reference letter, you can even give examples of times when you have witnessed the applicant demonstrating these qualities.

Provide Contact Information: Make sure to provide your contact information so that the authority can contact you if any further information is needed. You can write down your email and phone number.

Recommend the applicant: Close the letter with points that you recommend the person for the job position.

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